Q: Will Foundations of Finance 2020 take place online?

No, we have decided to not host Foundations of Finance in any capacity this year in order to prioritize the health and safety of everybody.

Q: Why can’t you just run the Foundations of Finance program online?

The Foundations of Finance program was carefully designed with the objective of creating a fun and interactive way for students to learn personal finance. The ability to deliver this objective requires the creation of a specific setting that cannot be achieved in an online format.

Q: Will Foundations of Finance take place next year?

Yes! We will be hosting Foundations of Finance 2021 next year. Stay tuned for more details and updates via social media and our website!

Q: Will the physical or online program be postponed until the Fall?

No, we will not be hosting Foundations of Finance in any capacity this year.

Q: What's happening with registrations?

Registration has been closed for Foundations of Finance 2020 and will open again next year for Foundations of Finance 2021. Stay tuned!