Q: Will Foundations of Finance 2020 happen at all?

We are hoping to reschedule Foundations of Finance to the summer of 2020 and will update everyone via email, social media, and our website if that happens. However, if the COVID-19 outbreak does not improve by the summer, we will have to cancel Foundations of Finance 2020 entirely.

Q: Why can’t you just run the Foundations of Finance program online?

The Foundations of Finance program was carefully designed with the objective of creating a fun and interactive way for students to learn personal finance. The ability to deliver this objective requires the creation of a specific setting that cannot be achieved in an online format.

Q: What’s happening with registrations?

Registration has been closed. If Foundations of Finance 2020 is rescheduled to the summer, registration will open again.

Q: What if I already registered?

If the program is rescheduled to the summer, students who already registered will have to register again if they wish to attend in the summer.

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